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The history of ROUCHOTAS company in the wood industry started in 1932, when Michael Mouratoglou, grandfather of the current owners Haris & Michael Rouchotas, launched for the first time in Greece the Burmese Teak, a wood type unknown until then in our country.

In the years that followed, the company, thanks to the zeal of its founder and its natural continuer Marios Rouchotas, the father of the current owners, was ranked as the number one company in the field and especially in the shipbuilding timber.

Today, Michael Mouratoglou’s grandparents and sons of Marios Rouchotas, Haris & Michael Rouchotas, continue with success their vision for high quality, lasting innovation and consistency. ROUCHOTAS company, which is highly specialized, provides high quality timber products to the Greek market and has had a strong export activity since 2006. ROUCHOTAS company maintains a successful export activity of products and services in large and highly competitive markets such as Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and others.

The expertise of the company is also certified by its state-of-the-art infrastructure, which constitutes a model for full vertical integration, trading and processing of timber, not only for our country but for the whole of Europe. The central production and storage unit grows on a total area of 28,000m², while the company has 3 branches and 2 exhibition venues to fully meet the needs of its customers. With an advanced engineering equipment, highly specialized human resources and strategic partnerships with the world’ s leading companies, ROUCHOTAS company provides complete solutions even for the most specialized applications, from the design stage and the cutting of timber to the production of its by-products.

With international expertise and competitiveness, ROUCHOTAS company maintains a wide range of customers in Greece and abroad, and is a synonym to trust and reliability for a wide range of products, such as:

Trading of sawn wood from 5 continents specializing in Burmese Teak.
Trading of industrial timber products such as plywood, tricot wood for window frames, composite timber for roofs / pergolas etc.
Production of timber products such as deck, parquet, building cladding, fences etc.
Timber processing in any dimension.
Special timber products for shipbuilding such as Teak bars for decks, Iroko strips for decking, etc.
Welding and sealing materials for shipbuilding.

The main goal of ROUCHOTAS company is to further expand its expertise, since quality is directly related to product quality and therefore to the benefit of the customer. By building on and continuously developing its technical infrastructure, the company aims at creating and trading innovative products, through research and employee experience, always in an environmentally friendly manner.
In this direction the company will soon acquire an ISO certificate, further enhancing the quality and operation standard in the fields of trading, management, production and processing of timber products.

Finally, the company’s main objectives include expanding export activities in new markets and increasing its international sales.


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